Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Buy Your Kids Candy for Easter, Not Bunnies or Chicks

I've dyed Easter eggs every year since I can remember with my family. As a child, I was mesmerized by these decorated eggs and also with the surplus of baby bunnies and chicks in pet stores in the mall. I begged my mother each year for a bunny around Easter time and she always refused. Besides the fact that she knew I had no time or inclination to care for this animal as a 7 year old, we already had 2 cats at home that would love to have a personal meet and greet with this new animal. And that would be the end of my own Easter Bunny.

As an adult, I've seen the overpopulation of bunnies and chicks around Easter time and have noticed another sickening trend: dyed chicks. Chicks are dyed pretty pinks, yellows, blues, greens and other spring colors to catch the eye of children and parents alike. What is better than dyed Easter eggs!? Obviously, dyed Easter chicks! Not. Although I find this tradition completely inhumane and repulsive, I find it hard to believe that parents think this is an OK practice to be involved with. According to this article, by Jennifer A. Kingston, chick eggs are injected with a supposed non-toxic dye in order for the actual chick to be born with wildly colorful feathers, festive enough for the Easter holiday. Kingston adds that most egg hatcheries do not admit their participation in this Easter tradition. I wonder why...

It is also important to note that over-breeding chickens and rabbits in preparation for the Easter Holiday is always a bad idea. The breeding of these animals adds to the over population problem and most parents who buy these pets for their children will get sick of them and will end up returning them, giving them away to unfit homes or not properly caring for the animals themselves. Remember, a pet is forever, not just a temporary purchase. Even these beautifully (and artificially) colored chicks have needs; they are not toys. 

So, I would suggest buying kids candy and other toys for Easter instead of live animals who need constant attention and care. Or better yet, buy them a stuffed animal of a furry friend. Don't support the over breeding and inhumane animal treatment that comes with pet store purchases. Not only will this help the animals, but I'm certain that the Easter Bunny will not be pleased if he sees his fellow bunnies being mistreated and neglected within the home as presents. 


  1. Agreed! The fact that the egg is a traditional symbol for Jesus and the notion of new birth does not mean that we should encourage our children to want baby chicks. Bunnies are also adorable but need the proper arrangements and space; most homes and apartments aren't the proper environment. For those who have such pets --and I know someone who does-- and take the care that's required to raise them, it's great, but many of us don't have the time, patience, or experience.

  2. Great post Kara! I think we should also recognize that coloring eggs each year does also promote animal cruelty since they come from factory farmed hens living in dark warehouses. Getting eggs from a local farmer's market to dye can be a more humane alternative. I view the inhumane treatment of the egg laying hens just as bad as the inhumane treatment of the baby chicks.

    I'd also encourage alternatives to traditional easter candy (especially Hershey's) since so much candy out there is just terrible processed crap or thrives off of slave/child labor. Fair trade, organic or rain forest certified chocolates are always an option available at natural foods stores like Whole Foods or Trader Joe's! -Lindsay

    1. That's a great point. I totally agree. The cages in which egg laying hens live in are deplorable. Not enough room to turn side to side and they live a miserable life in the dark. They often bite their feathers off because they are so stressed out. I completely support getting eggs from local farmers.

      That's also another good point about chocolate. I just recently discovered a Free-Trade store near my house and their chocolate is amazing! They sell really pretty house-hold items and jewelry there as well.

      Thanks to all for reading! And as always, I am always open to suggestions regarding what you would like me to write about more often. :)