Thursday, March 29, 2012

Who Says Your Pet Can't Rock Out to Music?

Silence can be terrifying to humans-and their animals, alike. Not only does it allow us as humans to take the time and think about the stresses of our days, but it can also be very lonely. While us humans are working and socializing all day, our pets may be dreading the moment we turn the door knob to leave because of the continual silence.

Cady falls asleep listening to my music. 
It's easy to assume that cats enjoy silence. Why wouldn't they? They love to take naps and why would they want to sleep in a noisy house? To some extent, this holds true. However, while we are out all day, even cats prefer some background noise. Just as we like music in the car while we drive alone, background noise in the house allows a cat or dog to relax and believe another presence is around-even if we are at work.

Through recent studies, it has been suggested that house pets appreciate music in their own way. Not only does it create the illusion that they are not alone, but specific rhythms are soothing when they simulate animal heartbeats. Within Natalie Wolchover's article, "Pets Do Like Music, But Prefer Their Own Picks," she explores what types of music house pets enjoy. Unfortunately, our pets may not enjoy Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Kenny Chesney, Nirvana or Nine Inch Nails. They may not even enjoy the soothing rhythms that come along with classical ballads, according to Wolchover. She claims that it is proven that cats and dogs enjoy music that contains specific pitches and rhythm that mock their species' heart beat, calls and other nature sounds.

If you have cats and are gone during the work day, check out the Music for Cats website here. Listen to the samples with your feline friend. If you want to introduce your canine buddy to a new genre of music, check out this website. Not only will it be entertaining to see your pet's reaction, but it will also mask the silence during the work day.

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