Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Don't Play Favorites.

Ryan Klaeysen's Beagle, Miles.
According to the American Kennel Club (AKC,) the beagle may be the new star of the show this year as far as being ranked among Americans' favorite breeds of dogs. Naturally, the cuddly lab is ranked as number one, being known as a suitable family dog for decades. The German Shepherd ranks a close second by the AKC for its regal demeanor. The rottweiler has also raised in popularity within American homes, ranking number ten on the AKC scale. The rise in popularity of larger dogs among AKC members and Americans in general seems promising and is very exciting due to the unfair stereotypes that are usually associated with these breeds. Check out other rankings here.

Alex Romano and her Akita, Misa.
Although this is wonderful that larger dogs are finally being recognized as great family dogs, it is always important to remember not to play favorites, no matter how big or small the dog may be. From the beefy, muscular, elegant rottweiler to the spunky, shrimpy, adorable Chihuahua, it is crucial not to make assumptions about what dog breed is better than the next. All dogs who are not trained properly or who are put in a stressful situation may bite. By choosing and listing "favorites," it reinforces behavioral stereotypes about all dog breeds and it gives certain dogs an advantage over others. It is important that all dogs, regardless of breed, get adopted from shelters across the country and are given a fair chance.

Kristen Schindler's Pitbull Mix, Kira, with Red Heeler Mix, Emma.

So, when you are deciding to add a dog to your family structure, do the research and consider what dog breed would be most suitable for your life. Do not base these decisions on misleading breed discrimination. And please, do not forget to consider those dogs who really need our help, like Pitbulls, who are on their way to euthanasia, just because their breed is stereotyped as the "dangerous dog" in the media. In reality, with proper training and care, these dogs are just as family oriented as any other breed.


  1. We preach equality among humans. I guess it makes sense to do the same for pet breeds.

    Also, I'm surprised Puddles and I did not make the cut.

  2. Well written article, however I respectfully disagree. Small dogs are the scourge of my existence. They're loud, they poop every where, and they're just a general nuisance.