Sunday, March 4, 2012

Where Did You Go? Make A Life Plan For Your Pets

While working at pet adoption centers, many animals come in without homes due to divorce, financial issues and death of family members. Quite often, the animals are distraught and are unable to cope with their new surroundings right away. I've worked with some cats who have been surrendered due to the family's life change and have not been able to adjust well without the use of calming collars, spray, diffusers, a lot of patience and understanding. After their elderly owner passes away or their family of many years decides to split up and move without them, the animals do not understand why they are left alone in a strange environment. 

Just like Aunt Sally and Uncle Joe, pets are also our family members. We need to make a life plan for our pets, just as we do ourselves. We spend so much time worrying about protecting our assets for children and other family members in case of an emergency. It should also be priority to protect our pets. I recommend planning ahead for emergencies by asking trustworthy family members or friends to adopt your pets if you are unable to care for them anymore. Write all of this information down so that if a problem were to arise, your pets wouldn't be surrendered to a shelter. For more information about this, check out The Humane Society of the United States' recommendations: . 

In the case of a divorce, animal custody can get sticky. Some families may work it out and designate which household should keep the animals, while others may decide to surrender the animals to the shelter during the chaotic time. But, some divorcees are really battling it out for their pooches and feline companions. In the link below, it is apparent that it becomes just as important to plan ahead for life changes of this nature as well, because who wants to see their pets at a shelter thinking Where Did You Go? 

For more information about animal custody battles, check out this link:


  1. I know some people that actually share "joint custody" of their animals. One week one gets the dogs, the next week the other. I love when people show that kind of devotion to their animals...

  2. So I now know where sassy is going! Great article. Gives us something to think about.